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The mission of Camp Southern Ground is to provide extraordinary experiences for children to recognize and magnify the unique gifts within themselves and others in order to profoundly impact the world.


Announcing Tiered Pricing

At Camp Southern Ground we are proud of our mission and the goals we set for ourselves to make camp amazing. We’ve been making incredible progress this year and now we’re announcing a huge effort to meet one of our most important goals. Making the price of camp more accessible for any family that needs it. 

Summer camp helps kids grow

Did you know that the average child between 5 & 16 spends 6.5 hours in front of a screen each day? Or that only 6% of kids choose to play outside everyday? Our kids today are missing out. They need opportunities to get away from their phones and screens and get into nature with new friends for new adventures. This is what makes summer camp such an amazing experience. 

Why Camp Southern Ground

At Camp Southern Ground we believe in helping to grow more good into the world. We also know that families all across America want their kids to grow into good people. Yet today with our kids stuck behind screens, being bullied in schools, or just struggling to fit in and be themselves - goodness can seem hard to find! Camp Southern Ground wants to be the place where your child can have good fun, eat good food, connect with good friends, and learn the confidence to go put more good into the world.


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