Application Process

This is the application for summer seasonal jobs. Please make sure you have reviewed the Why Work at Camp page before submitting your application. 

For information about year-round, kitchen, facility, or other camp jobs - Click Here for the Careers Page.

Staff Application

1.) The Application

Click on the link above and complete all the questions and information requested in the application.  You will also need to email a resume and cover letter to . The application will take about 20-30 minutes to complete. 

2.) The Video

If you are selected for consideration we will send you a link to create a video pre-interview for camp southern ground. You record yourself (via computer, tablet, or phone) answering questions about your experience and about camp. This gives us a chance to see you as more than just a paper resume, and gives you the chance to show us your energy, excitement, and experience. 

3.) The Interview

Once we have reviewed your pre-interview video, the summer camp director/program director will contact you to set up an interview time.  The interview will be either in person or via a webchat - an email will be sent to give further instructions. The interview will consist of questions about you, questions about how you work with kids, and a teaching segment where you will teach us how to do some activity.   After the Interview, a director will reach out to you to let you know if you will be offered a position.  We have a lot of applicants so make sure to be prepared for your interview.