Tiered Pricing Information

At Camp Southern Ground we are proud of our mission and the goals we set for ourselves to make camp amazing. We’ve been making incredible progress this year and now we’re announcing a huge effort to meet one of our most important goals. Making the price of camp more accessible for any family that needs it. 

We’ve already given out scholarships for this camp season to many families based on household income. Now, thanks to the actions of some very generous supporters, we’re able to offer camp at 75% or even 50% of the cost to any family that wants their camper to have an amazing summer of growth and fun. No paperwork, no scholarship applications – you decide what your family can afford.

How Are We Able to Provide This? 

A couple of generous camp supporters have provided us the funds to subsidize tuition through private donations.

What Are the Details?

Kick Off : April 30, 2018

Conclusion: June 17, 2018 (first day of camp) or when we give $230,000 in subsidized tuitions.

Price options:

Tier 1: $1,948 (100% of cost)

Tier 2: $1,461 (75% of cost)

Tier 3: $974 (50% of cost)

Tiers 4 & 5: (25% and no cost) require proof of household income and must meet our ACA benchmarks

What About Currently Enrolled Families?

Currently-enrolled families will be able to take advantage of this offer if they feel they need it. We want to make camp accessible to as many families as possible. Though the funds are significant they are not unlimited. Every family that chooses to pay Tier 1 or Tier 2 allows another family to come to camp who otherwise may not be able to afford it. We’re asking all families to be honest about what they can contribute.

How Does a Family Sign-up?

To enroll, families must complete a camper application. Part of the application questions will be what level of camp tuition the family can afford. If they select Tiers 1,2, or 3 they will simply need to pay the deposit ($350) and pay the balance by June 1, no other information will be required. We hope that families will be honest about their financial means so that the funds can help as many as possible. If a family selects Tier 4 or 5, Camp Southern Ground staff will contact them to verify household income and other information.


Session 1:  June 17-22 (Ages 10-13)

Session 2:  June 24-29 (Ages 7-10)

Session 3:  July 1-6 (Ages 13-16)

Session 4:  July 8-13 (Ages 10-13)

Session 5:  July 15-20 (Ages 7-10)

Session 6:  July 22-27 (Ages 13-16)


Summer Camp 2018 

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